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H21 - 1D

H21, 1D scanner Numeric, Windows Mobile 6.5, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. WiFi, 802.11 b/g, Integrated AGPS, 1.5 m drop proof, IP 64

690,00 CHF HT

Disponibilité : 5-7 jours


 Accessoires inclus:

  • Batterie standard BTR0600(12560)
  • Stylet (12708)
  • câble USB
  • Etui de protection
  • film de protection
  • dragonne
  • oreillette 
  • CD de démarrage rapide


The H-21 is a smart phone and scanner combined, coming in various options consisting in the choice between a qwerty or numeric keypad and the option of a 1D or a 2D imager. Whenever you need a smart and sophisticated custom solution the H-21 is your scanner.


The H-21 is made for business processes that require a really sophisticated solution that consists of so much more than scanning. This scanner is designed to perform during complicated or multifaceted tasks on the go, making this an irreplaceable tool for sales agents, warehouse management, inventory management, asset management and more.

How we describe the H-21

The H-21 is a smart scanner that comes with either a 1D laser scanner or a 2D imager as a mobile solution. Furthermore, it runs on Windows mobile 6.5 and has a color camera of 3.2 megapixel with flash and auto focus. It is rugged with a IP64 rating and contains a lot of communication standards; Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and 3.5G communication. Additionally, you can use the 2.8″ touch screen for signature writing and if desired you can expand the memory with a microSD or HC. In conclusion, the H-21 is a whole solution in one product.

In situations where connectivity, communication and ease-of-use are important, this mobile computer is the ideal tool. The H-21 weighs only 235 grams and is ergonomically shaped. The integrated 3060 mAh battery provides a long time of usage.


The H-21 has a lot of features, which can all be read in the leaflet below, but to summarize:

  • 1D or 2D scanner
  • Quality camera with flash and auto focus
  • Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; 3G & 3.5G communication
  • Rugged design; IP64
  • Connectivité : Wifi et BlueTooth
  • Connexion : USB
  • Dimensions : 67 x 135 x 22 mm
  • Garantie : 1 an
  • Résistance Chutes : 1.5 m
  • Temp. d'utilisation : -10 à 50 °C
  • Temp. de stockage : -40 à 60 °C
  • Type de lecteur : Laser ou Imager
  • Types des codes lus : Codes 1D ou Codes 1D/2D
  • Poids : 235 g


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